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CSI wins Client Success Award at 2021 IBM Broad Reach Cup Regatta Gala Awards

CSI is proud to be announced as the winner of the Client Success Award at the 2021 IBM Broad Reach Cup Regatta Gala Awards. This award recognises our innovative cloud solutions that drive significant client success through IBM Power Systems technology.

CSI is supporting independent software vendors and their customers with a cost-effective, automated application testing platform using the IBM Cloud and with the CSI PowerCloud for production workloads.

IBM Client Success Award 2021

Sometimes maintaining dedicated test infrastructure is not feasible, but with CSI’s Test as a Service software developers can focus on their application without the cost and distraction of provisioning and managing infrastructure. Using cloud-based IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers allows temporary “set up and tear down” test environments to be deployed ensuring that developers only incur charges while test infrastructure is used.

To support production workloads, the CSI PowerCloud brings together the latest IBM Power Systems with low-latency links to hyperscale public clouds to host adjacent x86 Wintel workloads. Flexible consumption models share capacity across systems, improving utilisation and controlling costs. The CSI PowerCloud combines operational flexibility of a private cloud with the financial benefits of a public cloud. This hybrid multi-cloud approach is helping ISVs to move towards a SaaS model where application functionality is unchanged, but where reliance on in-house infrastructure is replaced by a hybrid cloud platform managed by CSI.

IBM Client Success Award

~ Tom Bingham, Sales Director for CSI, accepts the 2021 IBM Client Success Award ~


CSI will be a featured exhibitor at the Think Summit UK & Ireland taking place on October 13–14th October 2021.

At this event you’ll join world-class experts, industry leaders and peers to hear challenges and successes experienced by organisations like yours. Real examples will show how an open approach to cloud computing and advanced AI capabilities can accelerate your digital transformation.

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