A Perpetual edge on growth

How CSI is enabling a 56-year-old premium shoe retailer to stay at the forefront of customer experience and get a perpetual edge on growth.

Our client: Soletrader is a leading footwear retailer with over 50 stores across the UK and a growing multi-channel online presence.

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Soletrader operates in a sector where competition and customer expectations are rising sharply. Research shows consumers expect to wait less than 2 seconds for an app to load. Any longer than that and not only will they abandon their purchase, less than one-fifth are ever likely to return.


To help attract, convert and retain customers and to cement its position online, as well as on the high street, Soletrader needed to create a more resilient, scalable infrastructure to ensure customer satisfaction every visit.


In Soletrader’s real-time reality, not only do systems need to be near-instant, they must also be reliable. On average, outages for an ecommerce site cost £578,000 for every hour it’s down. It meant that both agility and stability were required to keep up with demand for new footwear styles and the need to manage the increased workload of rapid product development cycles.

Working with CSI has been very valuable for our business, and for the level of service, we provide to our customers. The move to CSI’s PowerCloud has helped us stay agile and keep one step ahead of our rivals.

Marcel Bordon, CEO, Soletrader


Moving from the limitations of their on-premise servers, CSI created a robust and agile infrastructure through its PowerCloud solution. Harnessing IBM i in the cloud created burstable, high performance computing that delivered 24/7/365 performance and reliability.


Critical core applications now run 50 times faster in CSI’s PowerCloud environment. This performance boost has increased internal productivity and inventory efficiencies, and ensuring customers can access the styles they want in store and online.

Soletrader’s partnership with CSI has meant that its revenues have increased against a backdrop of five store closures and a costly store upgrade programme across its entire footprint.



Once Soletrader’s IBM Power systems were deployed core applications ran 50 times faster


For every second it takes a webpage to load conversion rates drop by 7%, highlighting the commercial advantage gained by the increase in core system speed


Research shows that customers are more likely to go a competitor site if it is faster by just 250 milliseconds – the speed of online competitive advantage