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ISV transition to SaaS provider

Get your products to market faster with our flexible, on-demand infrastructure and cloud services

Solving the cloud conundrum

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) adoption continues to grow fast, with many organisations signalling a move to all SaaS apps within the next few years. It’s too early to say precisely what impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on adoption rates, but it’s likely that the desire to maintain on-premises infrastructure will fall even faster, as many companies look to contain their costs.

For independent software vendors (ISVs) that have yet to embrace a SaaS delivery model, the pressure is on to make the leap – and soon! At CSI, we know that it’s not as easy as clicking your fingers to magic up a SaaS offering. But our experience helping ISVs get into this space, combined with our PowerCloud platform, can help you capture the opportunity quickly.

Building on a proven track record

At CSI, we’ve been helping companies with their cloud journey for years. What’s more, we have years of experience supporting organisations in highly regulated industries embrace application delivery in the cloud – including the first UK regulated bank to be ‘born in the cloud’.

With our PowerCloud platform, you can benefit from robust IBM Power Systems technology combined with IBM i, AIX or Linux operating systems, with additional x86 resources available on demand. We’ve done the hard work optimising the CSI PowerCloud for you so that it’s ready to offer you high security, flexibility, and resilience from the word go.

Worried that you don’t have the skills and resources to plan a migration? We can handle the heavy lifting for you so that you can stay focused on bringing new enhancements and services to your clients. Migrate your workloads to our PowerCloud and take advantage of our ongoing monitoring and management services, and you’ll be free to concentrate on what you do best.

Prepare for a successful future with in-built scalability and multi-cloud integration. With the CSI PowerCloud, you pay only for what you use – helping you to control costs while gaining the peace of mind that additional resources are always on hand when you need them. We’ve even connected our PowerCloud to the IBM Cloud and other leading public cloud services, so you can burst into them as required. This capability allows you to offer your customers the public, private, or hybrid cloud model that suits them best.

Accelerate decisions

Implementing a new application often means that an organisation has to allocate new IT resources, including compute, storage, data centre space, and operations staff. This potential expense and complexity can delay important decisions. We provide an alternative approach that allows companies to focus on application functionality without the distraction of an added burden on in-house IT teams.

Working with CSI, you can take advantage of a simplified scenario to accelerate purchasing decisions and adoption rates.

Seize the opportunity

You know your software inside out, and we understand every aspect of cloud architecture. Together, that’s a winning combination. 

Contact CSI today to learn more about how we can help you build a compelling SaaS offering.

To learn more, click here to view our PowerCloud brochure for ISVs.

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