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Don't You Want To Be Relevant?

2nd March 2017 by Graeme Hughes

Is your business relevant? Graeme Hughes shares his thoughts on the digital revolution and how to stay relevant.

Five security quick fixes to start 2017

12th January 2017 by Rick Gray

Not a day goes by without Cyber Security hitting the headlines. Start 2017 in a good way and make positive improvements to your Cyber Security. Here our Head of Security gives some quick fixes.....

SAP User Forums Experience Record Breaking Year

7th December 2016 by Karen Miller

SAP Northern and Southern User Forums have become a regular feature of CSI's events calendar. The forums offer SAP users a chance to gain knowledge from expert industry speakers and network with peers

SAP S/4HANA 1610 Release - 10 Useful Insights

2nd November 2016 by Graeme Hughes

On the 31st October 2016, SAP released their much anticipated 1610 update.


10th August 2016 by Steve Malcher

Our Head of Anaytics explains why the future for business is predictive analytics and how understanding historical data will help businesses do better in the future.

Transform Your Future with Predictive Insight

8th August 2016 by Steve Malcher

Predictive insights identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks buried inside your data. Find out what predictive insights can do for your business.

SAP HANA for Life Sciences

20th July 2016 by

SAP is changing the way Life Sciences organisations operate, here we show how CSI have transformed organisations within 16 weeks.

SAP HANA for Wholesale and Distribution

12th July 2016 by

SAP HANA is transforming the way businesses operate across the world. Here's CSI show how we help businesses within the wholesale and distribution sectors transform in just 16 weeks.

SIEM - What is it? Why do I need it?

29th June 2016 by Rick Gray

Our Head of Security explains what SIEM is, why businesses need to invest in it now and how you can try before you buy with CSI.

SAP HANA for the Service Industry

10th June 2016 by

Here we show how SAP HANA and S4/HANA can transform businesses within the service industry in 16 weeks and benefits can be experience immediately.

Analytics - 2016 Trends

1st February 2016 by Steve Malcher

We are now find ourselves in an era known as the digital economy and this has had a major impact on how companies do business.

Member in the spotlight: Richard Martin

10th August 2015 by Richard Martin

Interview with SAP Northern User Forum Chair and Change and IT Director at Arco

Is your luck running out?

28th July 2015 by Steve Cox

Are you keeping version 7 because it's your lucky number? Is your luck about to run out?

The Top Five things to know about the journey to S/4HANA and the 5 simple steps to get there.

14th July 2015 by Graeme Hughes

The Fourth Generation Business Suite on the HANA platform: The Top Five things to know about the journey to S/4HANA and the 5 simple steps to get there.

Musing on the latest cloud technology

29th June 2015 by Alex Boulton

In the course of looking at the ever evolving cloud offerings available in the UK market there's one that particularly stands out for me...

SAP Learning Hub: Anywhere Access to Cloud-Based Learning

26th June 2015 by Justin Shuttleworth

The SAP Learning Hub provides instant online access to a vast knowledge base of SAP expertise. Without the need for scheduling or traveling to training sessions, learners can quickly obtain materials.

The End of Life doesn't need to mean the End

24th June 2015 by Steve Malcher

After many years travelling the globe with work and on holiday I have certainly racked up the air miles but I still look out the window in awe of the engineering that allows me to fly at 36,000 feet.

So what is API Management and why is everyone going on about it?

12th June 2015 by Paul Hassall

Today the pressure is on businesses and public bodies to deliver products and services to more consumers and citizens, and to do so less expensively and more conveniently than ever before.

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