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Why did CSI relaunch with a new identity?

In a world where digital flows now drive globalisation, IT has shifted from supporting the business to being the business. Now, all enterprises need to be technology companies. This increase in demand has turned the managed service provider market into an echo chamber. Many providers are competing on price rather than service offering.

It became clear that we needed to elevate the dialogue beyond technology. This no longer represented what we do for our clients. We no longer fit into the categories of MSP, CSP, VAR or SI. Therefore we embarked on a rigorous six-month assessment and rebranding exercise. We analysed current and future client needs against what our service portfolio was delivering for clients.

What is an Enterprise Performance Partner?

You must be obsessed with driving outcomes. We implicitly understand what our clients are trying to achieve for their business. We are experts in helping clients use technology to drive growth and innovation while providing efficiency savings and leading-edge cyber security protection. This is what an Enterprise Performance Partner stands for.

[blockquote cite=”Simon Payne, CEO, CSI” ] “Our clients are thinking years in advance and view next-generation technology as critical for the success of their business. They want a partner who can help them deploy technology with an outcomes-biased approach. Our newly defined capabilities make our messaging crystal clear; our approach of offering an outcome regardless of the technology stack is going to be a defining factor in achieving the growth I know we’re capable of.” [/blockquote]

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Enterprise Performance Partner Enterprise Performance Partner Enterprise Performance Partner Enterprise Performance Partner

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