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Unleash the Power of Your Data

Are you harnessing the power of your business data effectively?

AI, machine learning and cognitive computing are taking centre stage as we enter the fourth industrial revolution, where we will witness unprecedented developments in medicine, education, business, social sciences and our daily lives.

The possibilities for you to explore are endless. Smart technologies aren’t limited to any particular field or function, but this also comes with a warning. If you aren’t taking advantage of AI now, your competitors will be. So how do you become a disrupter, and not the disrupted?

Realise the benefits of smart technologies 

The nature of most businesses is to look forward. But to take a step forward one must sometimes stop and stand still for a while. One crucial question to ask is: ‘what information do I already have that will help me unlock my business’ full potential and help me make better business decisions?’

More data has been created in the last two years than the rest of history combined. Digital flows now eclipse the flow of goods and capital. Gartner predicts that data volume will grow by over 800% over the next four years and up to 80% will be unstructured data. Data is the new digital economy.

Previously all data was put into structured ‘rooms’, rather like those of a hotel. You knew which room, database or folder to go to for a particular piece of information. Now we have so much information and data it’s stored in colossal ‘data lakes’. So extracting the right information and making sense of it can seem impossible.

But with AI and machine learning algorithms, we can sift through vast quantities of data, spotting correlations, inconsistencies and patterns. These can be used to make predictions and solve complex business problems.

Examples of AI & Machine Learning at work

In transport & logistics, by mapping algorithms around how goods are delivered, you can ensure that your delivery trucks are more efficient. Driving uphill when empty and downhill when full saves you money on tyres and fuel.

In retail, AI can minimise shopping cart abandonment by delivering real-time product targeting. By ‘watching’ millions of users every day and predicting a shopper’s intent, it can match a brand’s product offering to them, increasing conversions.

Airlines can fly planes through the path of least resistance saving fuel; cancer cells can be spotted earlier before they mutate; a single apple can be tracked from the tree to the refrigerator. It’s these organisations that successfully generate business value from their data lakes that will outperform their peers.

Ask the right questions of your data

You may already think you know which business issues you want to fix, which is great. But getting the answers you need requires you to ask the right questions in the first place. This is an art form in itself and takes considerable time and expertise.

Your data will only reveal the insights that you explicitly ask it for. A variation in the question can bring back an entirely different set of results. Working alongside specialist data analysts helps our clients ask the right questions of their data, and in turn, we help them gain their competitive advantage.

Performance and Power. With Compliance sorted.

Do you have the level of high-speed compute power required for AI to manipulate the vast volumes of data you have? How would you like to explore options of renting the power you need, only when you need it? Capacity on demand is what CSI specialise in.

Businesses come to us because the CSI PowerCloud has the security of a private cloud with all the compute power needed to run the latest AI. It’s scalable – you only pay for what you use. When these AI models are unleashed, they require massive compute power for short periods. Our solution has been designed and AI-optimised precisely for this type of workload.

While harnessing the power of your data we will also ensure you are complying with your business’ governance requirements. Our data management platform comes wrapped in leading-edge cybersecurity technology and policies. We guarantee you are backed-up, encrypted, and safe and no one else is looking at your data.

We have the necessary disaster recovery systems in place. While we use AI to do data research, we also use AI data management and cybersecurity every second. Many of our customers operate in highly regulated environments where regular reporting is essential and knowing where your data is at any time of day or night is a requirement of being in business.

With compliance taken care of, the CSI PowerCloud will ensure you have the right infrastructure in place to uncover the insights in your data that will give your company its perpetual edge over competitors.

Speak to us today to understand how to harness your business data effectively, and get your edge over your competition.

By Neill Hart, Head of Enablement 

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