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Podcast: 3 Digital Forces at Work

Journey to the Cloud – Podcast

In this podcast, Neill Hart, Head of Enablement at CSI, explains how digital acceleration, digital disruption & the digital threat are the three forces pushing companies forward on their journey to the cloud.

Most companies can easily see how 20 per cent of their business workload can be in the cloud. But they fear the 80 per cent that they think can’t be moved.

The average cloud services provider can fix the easy processes. Emails, video streaming, web apps, expense reports or HR apps are deemed simple. But what about more complex and regulated services like ERP, manufacturing processes or core banking, as examples?

The good news is that there is a cloud solution for almost every business application. You can achieve this by taking a granular view of each application and looking at its distinct characteristics, behaviours and regulatory issues they need to meet. Then you can match is to a suitable cloud environment.

At CSI, we specialise in migrating complex, legacy and highly regulated applications to the cloud but with outcomes in mind. We focus on helping our clients achieve one of four key business outcomes; to grow revenue, to save money, to innovate through new ideas, or to protect their business (including data or intellectual property).


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