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How to Maximise Your Public Sector Cyber Security and Data Storage Capabilities

There is no doubt cyber security remains a top priority for CIOs moving into 2022, as the pandemic continues to drive the requirement for home working and remote access to systems.

It is essential for companies to securely access data and applications to serve their customers and employees.

Even the most critical, complex and regulated workloads – like those of healthcare providers and financial institutions – can be modernised and migrated to cloud platforms, enabling remote access while leveraging flexible storage capabilities, but how can the public sector (with their limited budgets) leverage the same technology benefits as their private sector counterparts?

In February 2020, a cyber-attack left one UK local authority without a number of online public services for several weeks.

It left around 135,000 people unable to engage with council services online, while efforts to restore functionality meant drafting in expert help from both the private sector and the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). In the end, the incident cost Redcar and Cleveland Council approximately £8.7m to resolve.

What the Redcar incident demonstrates is the destructive impact a cyber attack can have on the public sector, and why investment in cybersecurity is so important – both in terms of detection and mitigation of cyber attacks, but equally in data storage and restoration in the event of an incident.

Overcoming Public Sector Cyber Security and Data Storage Challenges

To further understand some of these challenges and how we can get the most out of our cybersecurity and data storage efforts, Public Sector Executive sat down with experts from CSI and IBM to discuss their role in the public sector cybersphere.

Learn how to protect your data as the public sector embraces the benefits of hybrid working – click here to download our guide…

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Matt Roberts, Editor, Public Sector Executive
Matt Fordham, Technical Sales Manager, IBM
Ian Richardson, Head of Innovation and Global Pre-Sales, CSI Ltd
Leyton Jefferies, Cyber Security Services Lead, CSI Ltd

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