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Do you sleep well at night knowing you’ve got all the skills, experience, and knowledge to move legacy applications and aging workloads into the cloud, and have it all automated and secured?

Nowadays the primary drivers for a cloud migration include agility, scalability, and innovation. There are bumps on the road and challenges to overcome, from security to skills shortages, and regulations to job preservation.

Join our fireside chat with Red Hat, where we’ll explore the top 5 fixes to help you avoid getting fired by hybrid cloud – or your boss!

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Why Attend?

During the webinar, our subject matter experts will share the importance of putting the right workloads in the right place – in terms of the hybrid cloud – and the key reasons why, including regulation, security, and performance vs cost.

There are 5 main challenges that CSI and Red Hat can help you overcome and by joining the session you will learn more about the following:

  1. Skills Shortages – how to leverage third parties when you have demand but no skills in-house.
  2. Increasing Automation – how to scale and remain competitive.
  3. Modernising Legacy – what’s next for your legacy workloads? Have you already moved to cloud, but costs have gone up? Do you move them back or modernise in the cloud?
  4. Cost and Operational Management – how to overcome FinOps challenges and manage beyond human scale.
  5. Security and Regulation – how to maintain compliance and security in an ever-complex world – we’ll look at cyber insurance and ‘secure by default’ options.

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Who Should Attend?

This 45-minute online session is designed for CIOs, Senior IT Decision Makers and application owners.

Our Speakers

Matthew Roberts, Director UK Presales at Red Hat
Matt is passionate about how Open-Source builds better technology organisations. Throughout his career, Matt has spent time with teams exploring new techniques, software lifecycles, structures, and architectures.

Nick Westall, Chief Technology Officer at CSI
With extensive experience in the key technology areas of managed services, cloud, and data management, Nick is responsible for the technical strategy, proposition, and product development.

Venue Details


  • Date 13th Dec 2022
  • Time @ 10:00 am - 10:45 am GMT


  • Online webinar