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CSI PowerCloud Named Hybrid Cloud Product the Year 2021

Cloud Excellence Awards Winners 2021

CSI is delighted to win the Hybrid Cloud Product of the Year award at Computing’s Cloud Excellence Awards 2021!


Cloud Excellence Awards Winners 2021

We were up against some great competition, having been named amongst eight finalists for solutions that demonstrated the best use of private and public clouds.

CSI is helping organisations transform their applications by exploiting the power of hybrid clouds. The CSI PowerCloud delivers managed private cloud capacity for complex applications running on IBM Power Systems and industry-standard servers and is designed to meet the demands of the most regulated industries.

For organisations already using hyperscale public clouds, the CSI PowerCloud has very low latency connections to Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud Platform.

We also understand that on-premises infrastructure continues to be key for many enterprises and our comprehensive portfolio of services includes support for these environments.

Legacy Applications benefit from Hybrid Cloud

Mixing and matching infrastructure platforms to suit particular needs is the preferred strategy for many companies and protecting the investment in legacy applications doesn’t mean that they can’t also enjoy the many advantages of cloud computing.

CSI’s commitment to hybrid cloud allows all workloads to run in the optimal environment with cyber security and data protection solutions providing the first and last line of defence against digital threats. Each element of hybrid cloud offers unique benefits – security, data residency, performance, flexible capacity – but they form part of a single computing environment that must be managed as a whole, not as separate technology silos.

CSI offers a suite of services from maintenance and monitoring to incident, problem, and change management ensuring that our clients can depend on reliability as well as cost-effectiveness.

The past 24 months have shown that for any business to survive and thrive, it needs to be able to cope with unplanned changes – from an increase in remote working to peaks in business traffic due to uncertainty in the economy. A flexible and secure hybrid cloud environment allows organisations to meet current needs and future expansion.

Cloud Excellence Awards Winners 2021
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