Why the smartest ISVs test their solutions with CSI Test-as-a-Service (TaaS)

In a demanding market, ISVs have three significant challenges:

  1. 1) to reach new users by developing innovative new applications,
  2. 2) to retain existing ones by introducing new or improved application features,
  3. 3) and to do both while controlling costs.

Choosing the right process of testing solutions is key to achieving all three.

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To advance your applications, you need to test – it’s an essential part of software development.

But acquiring the IT resources for testing can quickly take a toll on your bottom line. Especially as you probably only need those resources for a relatively short time, making it uneconomical to maintain dedicated infrastructure on a long-term basis.

You could always lease resources temporarily, but this can be a long and painful process – and you still have to manage the extra infrastructure, putting additional pressure on your IT team…

Or you can use Test-as-a-Service (TaaS) from CSI.

As an IBM Platinum business partner, CSI has many years of experience helping ISV DevOps teams to quickly and securely test and distribute new software. Even vendors in highly regulated industries such as banks.

With our TaaS solution, we use this considerable experience to do the testing for you, enabling you to focus on the application, without the distraction of placing an increased burden on your in-house IT teams. This enables faster and improved software adoption.


ISV programmers quite rightly spend a lot of time and effort testing their software. We know because we’ve worked side-by-side with them for many years to help them test and distribute new software on IBM i, AIX and Linux platforms.

Now we’ve gone one step further and developed a Test-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering in the IBM Cloud that gives programmers more time to focus on making their software the best it can be.

How TaaS works, in brief.

CSI’s TaaS solution can be used to quickly set up and shut down temporary LPARs to test new features or support proof of concept demonstrations.

There are two distinct phases for a TaaS solution: the initial build and then recurring test cycles.

Each test cycle comprises setting up the TaaS environment, running the test or demonstration, and finally shutting down the temporary partition when completed.

CSI’s TaaS solution includes:

  • Initial build to create an image for the TaaS environment
  • Refresh for each test or demo cycle:
    • Loading the LPAR image
    • Network re-connection
    • Data migration to the TaaS environment
    • Monitoring and management of temporary LPARs
    • Saving the latest image
    • Deleting the TaaS partition
  • Quarterly configuration check

As for security, each TaaS instance is segregated and secured in the IBM Cloud, helping you to meet stringent compliance goals.

Quick to get up and running, hugely time-saving, and highly secure, TaaS really is the smartest option for ISV programmers.


With rigorous testing such an essential part of the software development process for ISVs, you can’t afford to cut corners.

With CSI Test-as-a-Service you don’t have to.

1) Save on infrastructure costs

Operating and maintaining dedicated systems for demonstration and testing can be a considerable financial commitment – especially if they are only used occasionally.

In fact, we’re seeing customers that don’t have dedicated testing infrastructure save as much as 50% on costs by opting for CSI TaaS rather than leasing on-premises systems.

2) Get software to customers faster

Your team can be up and running on our TaaS service in hours, instead of the weeks it can take to get systems on-site. By removing delays to testing initiatives, our service could help you get to market faster.

The service can be set up quickly, so you can get going with your testing ASAP. It can also be shut down just as quickly, enabling you to tap into resources only when you need them.

3) Only pay for what you need, when you need it

By using IBM cloud Cloud compute and storage, you only pay for services and resources when your testing LPAR is live. As a result, you don’t need to choose between controlling costs and innovation: you can do both.

Whether you want to develop new features or run a demo for a client, TaaS can help you remove barriers to innovation.

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