A point-to-point integration model with a unique connector implemented for every pair of applications becomes extremely complex with each additional component that is added to the infrastructure.

In fact, the number of point-to-point connections required to create a comprehensive integration architecture increases exponentially.

To fully integrate three components needs only three point-to-point connections, but the addition of just two more components increases this number to 10 connectors and so on until point-to-point integration is no longer a viable option. The answer is found an integration middleware solution supported by CSI’s wealth of experience.


Review application integration requirements and establish the role of an integration middleware broker


Align application Integration project with strategic business initiatives


Establish the role of an integration middleware broker


Identify suitable approaches for the next stage of your integration journey

Building an integration centre of excellence will:

  • Extend the value of legacy applications
  • Accelerate the introduction of new applications
  • Create reusable process templates
  • Maintain business activity while leveraging secure connectivity
  • Confidently connect to cloud services

CSI can provide you with a flexible framework of best practices, governance and thought leadership that will enable you building the right team, breaking down cultural barriers and having support from both the business and IT leaders.

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