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Our Thoughts about Think

On Wednesday 14th November we attended Think London, IBM’s premier showcase event in the UK. This year saw the first time IBM replicate their larger stateside event in London. Here we share the CSI highlights and feedback on all things Think…

Some stats of our day

4:45am wake up calls, 6:00am trains, 15 matching polo shirts, 1 Premier Business Partner Stand, 1 live Think Tank session, 750+ CSI Giveaways, 1,000+ sweets handed out and nearly 300,000 steps worked up by the team!

On arrival, the venue was notably not a standard IBM location, it was edgy, industrial and non-corporate. This set the tone for the day and was a refreshing, positive change by IBM.

Sir Chris Hoy kicked things off in style with an inspirational and adrenalin fuelled keynote explaining how marginal gains can have a massive impact on results. We can apply this to all stages of life and business – look at the data, understand how numerous small changes have a positive impact; help clients articulate their problems and demonstrate how even small solutions can add value to their business.

IBM put on an agenda that allowed clients to Think and discuss their own challenges. A key theme around ‘Putting Smart to work’ appeared thoughout the day and you’ll see how CSI got involved with our Chief Technology Officer, Mark Vargo taking part. If you’re lucky you’ll spot him on the side of a moving billboard around London! Remember to tag @CSIltd on social media if you do!

All things AI

We heard a lot about how to make AI work for clients in a practical, functional business way. Talks such as ‘AI and New Technology: Bringing the Future Closer’ in the keynote theatre and real life examples in the Silent Theatre from Durham Constabulary and Wimbledon Championship were fantastic. Along with understanding how to ‘improve the customer relationship through tech transparency’.

Clients were encouraged to participate in the Fishbowl Debates ‘Can Blockchain solve data privacy’ and ‘Should CIOs love or loathe the Cloud?’ along with many others.

We enjoyed some fascinating and interesting chats with our current clients – and welcomed many new faces to our stand in the Modern Infrastructure campus.

  • Security – how do I actually implement security policies and procedures effectively (not just write them down)?
  • Power – how do I keep my AS400 guys happy? How do I replace them when they retire!?
  • Cloud – how do I decide what workloads go where for maximum efficiency and agility, without causing me a performance or security problem? Or having my regulators jump on me for breaching something…
  • AI – how do I implement something “useful” rather than gimmicky?  What about the ethics of using AI, especially in the public sector?

The energy and enthusiasm to move forward and overcome challenges is the kind of stuff we love to hear about – and help find real world solutions for.

Remember #TeamCSI are on hand to support you, not only at Think London but into the future.