Extend the Life of Your Equipment Vendor Services

As enterprises adopt new technologies, while keeping their existing equipment, they will certainly face an enormous amount of complexity and potential unplanned cost.

CSI’s vendor services and maintenance offerings can help alleviate this by incorporating a single-source approach to clients’ support contracts.

Simply put, our vendor services consolidate process and accountability – reducing costs, with maintenance support extending the life of IT equipment, and improving your return on investment.

  • Single Support Agreement – CSI will supply a Resolver Agreement which will tie-in all of your support into a single support agreement, therefore reducing the number of suppliers you deal with.
  • Single Point of Contact – a Resolver Agreement provides you with a single support number to call for all of your support requirements. A single point of contact reduces the various numbers needed to call for support – single call, single ticket.
  • Single Renewal Date – having a Resolver Agreement, reduces the number of support renewals due throughout the year. By taking advantage of this offering, we remove the need for multiple agreements with several renewal dates.
  • Single Invoice – one invoice reduces the number of suppliers and support agreements and removes the need for lengthy invoice clearance. Resolver Agreement will provide you with a single renewable invoice each year.
  • Annual Audits – CSI will conduct an annual onsite hardware audit to ensure you only ever maintain the inventory which is required to be on support, therefore, reducing the possibility of paying for unwanted support.
  • Risk Analysis – As part of the annual audit, CSI will provide a detailed report showing the audited estate and the risk associated with any items not found to be on support. We will provide a quotation to bring the risk inventory back on to support with immediate effect – therefore reducing the risk to your business.