IBM Power Systems

Exceptional Reliability, Security and Performance

IBM Power Systems – and their AS/400 and RS/6000 predecessors – are the benchmark platform for running complex systems of record. For decades, IBM Power Systems has been the platform of choice for leading businesses, and with the new IBM Power10, they continue to lead the way towards hybrid cloud, AI, and sustainability.

From On-Premises to the Cloud with IBM Power Systems

Businesses need to scale workloads for ever-increasing amounts of data and require the ability to rapidly scale up and down based on unpredictable demand. Today over half of  organisations’ critical applications are still deployed on-premises, at the same time, businesses are also leveraging hyperscale public clouds. A correctly designed hybrid cloud is an ideal platform for pursuing digital transformation while maintaining the stability and performance of current systems.

IBM Power Systems Keeping Pace with Innovation

Investment in legacy IBM systems should not prevent organisations from taking advantage of emerging cloud services, but the skills needed to bridge the gap are scarce. Routine operations
of backups, patching, and upgrades don’t combine well with modernisation and migration. Many in-house IT teams are stretched beyond capacity with trying to extend the useful life of current production platforms while planning a unique transformational journey to the cloud.

IBM Power Systems Service Offerings

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, CSI has decades of experience working with IBM Power Systems, from remote management of on-premises infrastructure to innovative hybrid multi-cloud environments. CSI’s highly accredited specialists help our clients to optimise current platforms and guide their journey to the cloud. CSI’s IBM Power Systems services include:

  • Managed Services for IBM i, AIX and Linux environments
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions
  • CSI PowerCloud with low-latency links to hyperscale clouds
  • IBM Cloud with Power Systems Virtual Servers
  • Storage solutions – FlashSystems, VTL, Tape including LTO9
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On-Premises IBM Power Systems

Where security or performance demands dictate on-premises IBM Power Systems, CSI provides around the clock remote management of LPARs running IBM i, AIX or Linux. Our highly experienced specialists provide proactive monitoring and operational management including system updates, backup and recovery,  storage maintenance and system reporting. We can also develop a roadmap matching IBM technology to business outcomes.

Disaster Recovery and High Availability

CSI delivers robust DR and HA strategies to meet required availability and recovery objectives. Regular DR testing is included in CSI managed services for IBM Power Systems. Cost-effective DR can be provided by leveraging the CSI PowerCloud infrastructure.

CSI PowerCloud

In collaboration with IBM, we developed the CSI PowerCloud – a private cloud platform for IBM Power Systems running IBM i, AIX or Linux – to deliver the performance, reliability, and security of IBM Power Systems in a consumption model. When applications can’t be migrated to the latest platforms, the CSI PowerCloud can run legacy versions of IBM hardware and software to support critical systems of record.

IBM Cloud with Power Systems Virtual Servers

When short-term workloads can take advantage of per-minute billing, CSI works closely with IBM to provide PowerVS servers in the IBM Cloud. With multiple global data centres, IBM ensures the availability of enterprise-grade systems for test and development environments.

Hyperscale Public Clouds

Most IBM Power Systems implementations include adjacent services running on industry-standard servers. In many cases, these can be efficiently provided via Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform. The CSI PowerCloud provides very low-latency links between IBM Power Systems and these hyperscale clouds.

IBM Storage

CSI provides a broad portfolio of IBM storage solutions and services. With IBM Expert competencies for Storage Systems and Spectrum Defined Storage, we match business goals to the best
storage solution including flash, disk, tape, and virtual tape library (VTL) technology delivering the performance of disk storage without having to change existing backup regimes.

Application Modernisation with Red Hat OpenShift

Many digital transformation strategies focus on shifting away from legacy applications that are difficult and costly to maintain. This can be an intimidating task for under-resourced DevOps teams. CSI’s Advanced Partnership status with Red Hat can help businesses take advantage of OpenShift’s collection of container provisioning and orchestration capabilities to create new services, reduce technical debt and increase productivity.

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