Zero Day Recovery

Your last line of defence against zero day cyber attacks and ransomware

Zero day cyber attacks are almost impossible to detect and defeat as they use exploits that are previously unknown.

Zero Day Recovery allows your business to recover fast in the event of an incident. Data, whether it be operational, transactional, customer, marketing is your DNA – and without data, it would be impossible to function effectively.

Our solution potentially costs you nothing, it just uses your existing IT investment more efficiently by defining policies, improving your operations and bridging the gap between your cyber security teams and your IT teams to provide faster recovery times for your most critical applications.

Learn more about our Zero Day Recovery Service by downloading the flyer

Zero Day Recovery flyer

Zero Day Recovery works for 3 simple reasons:

  1. 1. We work with class-leading and proven technology vendors; building on your existing infrastructure to solve this difficult problem
  2. 2. We can offer a unique combination of consulting, hardware, software & managed services; active research; and developed business ecosystems
  3. 3. We use innovative design and delivery models for scalability, performance, agility, automation, security and affordability

Book a Discovery Service review

Using a range of network scanning tools and human intelligence (in the form of interviews and questionnaires), our experts will collate all the required raw information needed to build an understanding of what is going on with regards to your backup and recovery, and your storage capability – and present it back to you in a detailed report.