Disaster Recovery & Business Resilience Services

The complexity of the digital economy demands a higher degree of resilience and business continuity than ever before. At the same time, the number of options for computing and storage as well as the sheer volume of cyber threats can overwhelm IT organisations when ensuring business availability. Key challenges stretch from justifying an initial outlay for technology, effective deployment to maintaining operational readiness and regular testing.

Even with the most reliable infrastructure, systems outages can occur. They may be unrelated to physical hardware and every organisation must protect themselves – whether through real-time replication, recovery from tape backup or archiving data for access in years to come.

CSI offers a portfolio of business resiliency services from the most robust high availability solutions, warm and cold start disaster recovery, as well as Archive as a Service to help you comply with the most stringent regulations.

Workload Modernisation Video

Just minutes of downtime can significantly impact your business. CSI’s full suite of DR services offer continuous data protection, offsite backups and disaster recovery planning. We work with organisations to test their infrastructure, workloads, and all associated components of their applications to ensure that should systems go offline they are able to recover quickly.

At a time when cyber-attacks are on the rise, it is imperative that you have a “critical data repository” – so that if the worse happens, you know that your critical data is isolated and available at a moment’s notice. Our Cyber Recovery Vault solution is offline from the network (air-gapped and removed from the surface of attack), and only accessible to users who have proper clearance.