Data Insights and Visibility

Optimise Your Data and Storage Infrastructure

Do you have the right infrastructure for your business needs today – and tomorrow? Not knowing what is going on beneath the surface makes it hard to figure this out. Unfortunately, many IT departments don’t know exactly what’s going on beneath the software and services that run the business.

IT leaders aren’t always sure if they have too many or too few resources, or if those resources are applied to business priorities. Nor are they confident that the optimal environment for each application has been provisioned. This is where better infrastructure visibility and data insights plays a key role.

CSI can help you make the right choices by providing you with data insight and visibility into your storage and infrastructure.

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Understanding what data you have, what is critical, and what your data growth could look like, is key to making sure you have the resources and budget available to meet those requirements and to help you transform.

CSI provides data visibility and insight by using tools and services to discover your workloads, allowing you to define and apply a business policy that optimises your IT and provides a view of existing expenditure in a single pane of glass.

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Using a range of network scanning tools and human intelligence (in the form of interviews and questionnaires), our experts will collate all the required raw information needed to build an understanding of what is going on with regards to your backup and recovery, and your storage capability – and present it back to you in a detailed report.