Cyber Recovery Solution

Isolate Critical Data with an Air Gap

At a time when cyber attacks are on the rise, it is imperative that you have a critical data repository, so that if the worse happens, you know that your critical data is isolated and available at a moment’s notice.

Our Cyber Recovery Vault solution, powered by Dell Technologies, is offline from the network and air-gapped to remove it from the surface of attack. It is only accessible to users who have proper clearance. The cyber vault solution includes management tools that operationalise data recovery, starting with the creation and automation of recovery restore points.

Top reasons why you need a Cyber Vault

– Backup: Bad actors can mount, delete, or encrypt backup data or catalogues, and often destroy the backup server.

– Snaps: Advanced cyber attackers can accumulate credentials and will often log in and delete snaps. They may destroy the entire platform, and there are “sleeperware” issues.

– Immutable Snaps: Despite the name, immutable copies can often be deleted or compromised, especially by insiders. So be careful of the definition. Snaps also tend to be platform specific.

– Retention Lock: This is a good hardening technique, but users still need to protect the catalogue. A failure or loss of the platform also compromises the whole structure.

– Honey Pot: End-users setting up a sting operation for malicious activity by displaying data that appears to be a legitimate part of the infrastructure – but is isolated and monitored. Great, you have a small chance of finding the malicious activity – so if you get lucky, what do you do? How do you handle false positives?

Learn more about our Cyber Recovery Vault powered by Dell Technologies in this flyer

Cyber Recovery Vault flyer

Security analytics capabilities allow data in the Cyber Recovery Vault to be analysed in a secure environment, while the data is offline.

Optional solutions planning is available, where we deliver advanced consulting assistance to assist with the identification of business-critical systems/applications, current infrastructure, dependencies, recovery time and recovery point objectives, and other considerations.

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Using a range of network scanning tools and human intelligence (in the form of interviews and questionnaires), our experts will collate all the required raw information needed to build an understanding of what is going on with regards to your backup and recovery, and your storage capability – and present it back to you in a detailed report.