Catalyst Insights

What Is Catalyst Insights?

Catalyst Insights is a bespoke-built platform that effortlessly connects and amalgamates multiple sources of essential security and intelligence data into one simple, navigable interface.


With Catalyst Insights, you can:

  • Monitor internal and external ongoing security
  • Detect and respond to breaches
  • Get exposure to breach data
  • Gain quick access to the latest technologies and services
  • Address future cyber security issues as quickly as possible
  • Set customisable alert thresholds
  • Integrate third-party security tools
  • Receive customisable alert thresholds across multiple solutions

Interested in a FREE TRIAL?

To sign up for a 14-day free trial, simply complete the form and submit your name & email address.

We’ll set you up with access to your own portal to see how it works.

As well as breach data specific to your own company, you’ll be able to instantly access video guides, documentation, and security tools to help further scan and understand your digital footprint and attack surface.

Accessed via a fully interactive, mobile-responsive web portal, Catalyst Insights allows you access to an 'at-a-glance platform' that connects critical security data in a single pane of glass.

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