Harness the Power of Cloud Computing with AI Platforms

Translating Augmented Intelligence into Augmented Performance.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. It is clear that we have entered an era where technology will reimagine almost every aspect of the enterprise. How businesses respond will ultimately decide whether they are a disruptor or the disrupted.

It has been said that the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. If data is the new oil, then AI and analytics can be seen as the oil refinery – extracting riches from vast sources of raw material.

Together with its ecosystem of partners, CSI can help you adopt AI to develop high-functioning and reliable solutions that deliver bold new innovations for a brave new world.

AI Optimised Platforms

Applications built with deep learning require unprecedented processing power, high throughput and GPU acceleration. The cost of computing at the edge of possibility can be prohibitive if you have to purchase that level of compute before you’ve proven the real-world value of AI to your organisation.

Now, through our AI-optimised platforms you can access high-performance compute and run data-intensive workloads, such as deep learning frameworks and accelerated databases on a pay-as-you-use basis. It’s AI-powered innovation on your terms and off your balance sheet.

Workload Modernisation Video

Achieve new levels of digital intelligence to enhance business processes and accelerate innovation with CSI’s expertise.

SAP-certified and specialising in SAP Business Objects, CSI supports our clients in accordance with SAP’s standards for a Partner Center of Expertise.

We offer reporting, analytics, dashboards, and training to support organisations in making agile decisions.

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