On-Demand Compute

Pay for peak performance. Not peak capacity.

CSI PowerCloud represents true on-demand compute and replaces the need for continuous capital investment to purchase, house and maintain physical systems and replaces it with performance-as-a-service.

When predicting what will happen tomorrow is a near impossibility, being prepared for what tomorrow brings is an imperative. That’s why our secure and scalable on-demand service provides limitless compute and limitless flexibility. Its burstable compute means you pay for what you use, not what you might use, ending the need to pay for unused capacity.

Multiple cloud environments can present a performance dream, but they can also present an admin nightmare. CSI’s billing aggregation service removes the headache by combining numerous providers into one automated bill, making analysis for cost optimisation easy
and financial reporting simple and accurate.

As both cloud providers and cloud cost models increase in number and complexity, it’s not always easy to understand which combination positions your enterprise most advantageously. CSI’s expertise across the marketplace and its various models enables us to advise you on striking the optimal mix of predictability, flexibility, contract length and cost.

Welcome to fully-flex compute. All the ability to scale up and down with seasonal demand, project flow and growth with none of the downside of prohibitive capital expenditure and opportunity cost. You’re free of fixed hardware and software costs and free to focus on enterprise outcomes.

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