Software Licensing Optimisation

Get more bang for your software buck.

Few businesses were born in the cloud and that comes with baggage. With enterprise software it’s often costly baggage. Duplication between on-prem and cloud-based licenses or across group businesses – plus the under-management of these strategic assets, can come at great expense as well as the risk of license non-compliance.

CSI’s Software Licensing Optimisation solution optimises the usage and cost of software assets throughout the software lifecycle. This enables your enterprise to gain visibility and control of IT assets, reduce ongoing software costs and maintain continuous license compliance.

Research shows that, on average, businesses spend 40% of their IT budgets on software but subsequently waste 30% due to over-licensing. That’s 12% of total IT budgets that could be deployed more impactfully – a sobering thought unless, of course, you’re in the software business.

Our SAM solution enables your enterprise to enforce compliance with security policy while considerably reducing software licensing and support costs by accurately measuring application utilisation.

Cloud overspend is more prevalent than most companies are aware. And it’s on the rise. CSI’s Cloud Cost Optimisation service helps you to improve the cost-effectiveness of your cloud portfolio by aligning your cloud application and user needs to the optimal cloud profile.

Negotiating with some of the world’s biggest companies can be one-way traffic. We know this because we know those companies – we’ve worked with them for decades. With CSI in your corner you can navigate complex contract negotiations and punch above your weight to secure the optimal commercial terms.

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