Multi-Cloud Migration

A less turbulent journey to the cloud.

Cloud applications deliver almost twice the return on investment over the equivalent on-premise functionality. It’s little wonder then that every business is cloud-ward bound. What’s less clear for many businesses is how to get there.

The success of such a critical journey has multiple dependencies – a compelling business case, strategic objectives, thorough planning and detailed preparation of the existing infrastructure and workloads. CSI’s Multi-Cloud Migration services meet these challenges using fast, secure and automated workload migration into public and private clouds. It means your enterprise can reap the benefits of cloud without the potential risk, delays or cost.

Migrating workloads can be incremental, require highly skilled resources and introduce unwanted compliance and security compromises. CSI’s Automated Migration does what it says on the tin. It delivers on-demand scale-out that enables you to perform parallel migrations—dramatically reducing time, cost and risk associated with migrating servers to the cloud.

IBM i architecture is robust but, as skills to write underlying code become rare, modernisation becomes critical in order to integrate the platform with emerging technologies.

CSI’s Application Modernisation solution converts your code to modern languages using automated tools that make your system accessible to new, non-IBM i programmers while preserving the functionality, business processes and structure of your applications.

As the trend for employees working remotely increases, so does the need for them to securely access applications regardless of location or device. CSI’s Application Transformation service transitions from on-premise, single-instance software to cloud-based applications. This increases enterprise utility while reducing cost by moving to an opex, per-seat model that can flex with business need.

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