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Agility in today’s volatile operating environment is critical to success. It means operational excellence and financial management are key.

CSI has over 30 years’ experience of successfully delivering projects that give our clients an edge over the challenges and challengers they face.

Whether you’re looking to revitalise your existing platform, or are implementing a new ERP system and want to embrace the shift to digital transformation, CSI is uniquely placed to help optimise your enterprise performance.

Competing in the digital economy requires infrastructure that is flexible and can support the rapid need for change. As environments grow, manual practices quickly become unfeasible. IT automation drives down costs and delivers agility and velocity.

Migrating to a new automation solution is a daunting challenge for any organisation. However, with the right migration strategy, organisations can overcome the migration hurdle and ensure a low-risk move to their new solution.

CSI’s automation tools, skillset, and knowledge are used by our clients to meet compliance, improve efficiency and leverage best practice.

Today, organisations interact through many technology interfaces including mobile, cloud-based, and on-premises applications. Connecting these systems with a point-to-point integration becomes extremely complex as additional components are added.

Middleware acts as a hidden layer enabling effective and efficient data management and communication for distributed applications, in turn, improving business agility and accelerating innovation.

CSI’s wealth of experience of integrating middleware solutions, such as IBM APP Connect Enterprise (formerly IIB) and MQ enterprise messaging, provides you with a flexible framework of best practices and governance.

A modernised cloud-delivered ERP system can be the strong foundation that a company needs to reach the next level whether it’s growing opportunities, saving costs, investing for business improvement or enabling a new business model.

CSI specialises in migrating ERP workloads to the right cloud to deliver the right outcomes. Whether you are using SAP, Infor, Oracle or other ERP system, CSI is uniquely placed to help optimise your enterprise performance.

If you want to revitalise your ERP existing platform or want to embrace the shift to digital transformation, CSI’s experience can be put to work to meet your goals.

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