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How CSI can help support you and your SAP Business Objects software environment

If you’re currently using SAP’s Business Objects software, there are many ways that CSI can help support you and your environment – read on to find out how…

Maximise your Return on Investment

Are you on the latest version of the software? If not, you could be missing out on new features or be suffering from compatibility issues if you’ve updated to a newer operating system or browser. The fix could be as simple as applying a patch.

We can provide you with a System Health Check that includes a detailed report of any improvements and recommendations. It may be that your system’s security model (group/folder permissions) is in a mess, or that you have lots of redundant content taking up valuable space. Maybe some features of your current system haven’t been used or implemented?

We can help you maximise the return on your investment by demonstrating the latest innovations and make suggestions to help you on your journey with Business Objects.

Infrastructure Analysis and Automated Reporting

Are you having issues gathering all your data together to create meaningful and accurate reports? Are your universes fit for purpose? Have you thought about using a Data Warehouse to provide a single data source, which makes universe development and reporting easier?

CSI can help you analyse your underlying systems and recommend action where appropriate. We can explain how best to use the powerful automatic report distribution methods built into the software such as scheduling, report bursting, and content personalisation that save a lot of manual effort!

Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

As many companies now look to the cloud for hosting, storage and management services, we can help you leverage the benefits of cloud computing such as flexibility, agility and high availability.

But whether on-site or hosted, CSI can fully administer (or simply help to support) your SAP Business Objects suite of products, incorporating monitoring and patching. We offer a fully hosted environment with managed services – and not just for Business Objects.

Training Courses

With years of experience, CSI is proud to be ‘SAP PCOE Certified’ in SAP Analytics (Partner Centre of Expertise) with SAP Certified Consultants.

Using bespoke training material, our experts will help you understand the topics that you really need to know. We offer Business Objects training courses in Report Design, Universe Design and Administration, so that your team has the necessary skills to take your reporting to the next level.

Please note our offerings can all be delivered remotely.

Why not see how CSI can help you get the best return from the time, money and effort you’ve already invested in Business Objects?

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