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Webinar: Open Banking – An Opportunity, not a Threat.

Webinar: Open Banking


Our upcoming webinar features guest speaker Mohamed Gamil, CEO of dotConnect. dotConnect is a company that uses the latest AI technology to deliver a highly personalised digital banking experience.

Whilst the financial services industry was rushing to comply with mandated regulatory changes, Open Banking was often seen as a ‘tick box exercise’ to provide compliance and avoid regulatory fines – plus it was seen as a threat allowing the big players and Fintech’s to access customer information and provide them with better services – enticing them away from the smaller, more agile organisations.

But now the dust has settled, could Open Banking be an opportunity for small and medium size banks? We believe it is.

Join our webinar to hear examples of operational efficiencies using Open Banking, including:

  • Quick, easy and secure ways to fund newly opened accounts
  • Analysis of customer spend/ commitment for lending and mortgage applications
  • How to leverage AI machine learning to really know your customer

Join us on 25th February as subject matter experts from dotConnect share their experiences in the financial services sector.


25th February 2021

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm