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By combining talent and technology, people are changing their businesses – and the world. Together with their partners and clients, IBM is putting smart to work.

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Over a century ago, three 19th-century companies merged to form an organisation that has helped to pioneer information technology for over one hundred years. Today, IBM is at the forefront of a worldwide industry that is revolutionising the way in which enterprises operate and prosper. In the digital economy, pace of change is accelerating and scope for the application of information technology is broader than ever. From small business solutions to the world’s most powerful supercomputers, IBM remains a technology partner of choice.

CSI is an IBM Platinum Business Partner – the highest level of the IBM PartnerWorld program.

This elite status reflects CSI’s three decades of experience building exceptional skills in IBM infrastructure, cyber security, cognitive computing and applications.

CSI is a founder member of the IBM Power Cloud Provider programme based on the development of the CSI PowerCloud, a private cloud for IBM Power Systems running IBM i, AIX or Linux.

CSI is proud to also hold Expert status for Power Systems and DevOps, plus Specialist status for Cloud Platform, Private Cloud, Spectrum Storage Software and Storage Systems.

As a fashion retailer, Soletrader operates in a sector where competition and customer expectations are rising sharply. To attract, convert and retain customers and to cement its position online as well as on the high street, Soletrader needed to create a more resilient, scalable infrastructure.


In Soletrader’s real-time reality, not only do systems need to be near-instant, they must also be reliable. On average, outages for an ecommerce site cost £578,000 for every hour it’s down. It meant that both agility and stability were required to keep up with demand for new footwear styles and the need to manage the increased workload of rapid product development cycles.


IBM Power Systems have a well-deserved reputation for reliability, security and longevity – but the cloud has revolutionised the way organisations operate. That is why CSI and IBM created the CSI PowerCloud, delivering the latest IBM Power Systems on-demand. Moving from the limitations of on-premise servers, Soletrader harnessed IBM i in the cloud creating burstable, high- performance computing that delivers performance and reliability around the clock.


Soletrader’s critical core applications run 50 times faster in the CSI PowerCloud. The performance boost from IBM Power Systems has increased internal productivity and improved inventory efficiencies and ensures that customers can access the latest style they want in store or online. Soletrader can compete in a highly competitive market with confidence in its partnership with CSI and IBM.



Once Soletrader migrated to IBM Power Systems in the CSI PowerCloud, critical core applications ran 50 times faster


For every second it takes a webpage to load conversion rates drop by 7%, highlighting the commercial advantage gained by the increase in core system speed


Research shows that customers are more likely to go a competitor site if it is faster by just 250 milliseconds – the speed of online competitive advantage