CSI is an IT Managed Services Provider bringing world-class Hybrid Multi-Cloud, Data Protection, and Cyber Security solutions to our clients’ businesses.

We specialise in IT Consultancy; underpinning our clients most mission-critical platforms, giving complete confidence and peace of mind that they will perform brilliantly.

Founded in 1983, we’ve earned our stripes working at the forefront of technology for four decades and today we work with some of the world’s most dynamic businesses.

We modernise and manage complex, regulated workloads, draw value from data, and we are the first and last line of defence against digital threats.

By taking a technology-neutral, outcomes-biased approach, we help organisations to grow, save, innovate and protect, fearlessly.

Our goal is to liberate talent and unlock capital, enabling our clients to gain a competitive edge, not just for today or tomorrow, but forever – Your Perpetual Edge.


CSI Timeline 2021

Evolve Secure Solutions and Tectrade Corporation (North America) are both CSI Group Companies trading under separate legal entities.

For details, please visit these websites: http://www.evolvesecuresolutions.com/    https://us.tectrade.com/

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