MML Capital Partners

In August 2017, MML Capital Partners ( became the lead investors in CSI Group alongside Executive Chairman Alan Watkins and CFO Kevin Lewis.

MML is a leading pan-European and transatlantic independent investment firm with over $2.5 billion invested across 12 countries during the last 28 years. MML provides growth capital to businesses for expansion, acquisitions and recapitalisations, providing funding across a variety of situations with the flexibility to take both minority or majority positions. Providing a clear alternative to conventional private equity, the firm specialises in structuring investments using multiple levels of capital from equity through to debt. MML has offices in the UK, US and France.

Alan Watkins and Kevin Lewis were previously invested in CSI Group as Blackhawk Capital. Blackhawk Capital acquired Computer Systems Integration Limited (CSI) in October 2012 as the cornerstone for a buy and build strategy within the IBM arena, focusing on the transformation from traditional reseller to Managed Services provider. Since that date, through a combination of organic and acquisitive growth, CSI has developed specialist managed services skillsets that have been successfully integrated into the Group structure enabling significant growth to be achieved in the IBM and SAP arenas.

The investment by MML in 2017 is designed to accelerate the development of the capabilities of the group, including through further acquisitions, in support of the group’s strategy to deliver Managed Services across its portfolio of Cyber Security, Software and Infrastructure solutions to clients across the UK.