Mobility and API Management

Securely extend core services outside of the enterprise to mobile users and provide additional revenue generating opportunities.


  • Tap into the fastest growing business channel
  • Externalise and monetise existing applications
  • Securely expose assets to mobile developers

Over the last two decades, the web (and the web browser) have become one of the most powerful and disruptive technology changes to have ever happened, creating opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes to reach new markets by offering their products and services in new and innovative ways.

More recently, mobile devices have become ubiquitous access points to the internet; accelerating interactions on the web in an always-connected world. Web APIs (externalising key internal assets to portray a public persona of your Enterprise over the web) provide the next element of how that capability is evolving. Businesses that grasp the opportunities that APIs represent will reap the rewards. Put frankly, you have a choice whether to adapt to the new opportunities offered by Web APIs or risk getting left behind by the competition.

The fact is, the consumers of your products and services want to interact with your business in ways that you can't predict or control. At the same time, there is an army of developers out there that are building new and innovative apps and websites faster than you'll ever be able to. Effectively promoted, well managed API's offer ways of tapping into that creative capability to reach new clients, enhance your brand image, and generate additional revenue.

API Management Discovery Workshop

API Management is a relatively new and emerging area. To help you discover web APIs, CSI offers a two day part-business, part-technical focussed workshop allowing you to realise the potential of externalised APIs in your business and start building a plan to exploit the opportunity they represent.

In the workshop, we cover:

  • An introduction to APIs and API Management
  • Exploring the business opportunity
  • An overview of the API lifecycle - discovering, implementing and governing APIs
  • An overview of the IBM API Management platform
  • The next step - identifying suitable first APIs and planning their implementation

API Management

CSI are the UK's leading implementation partner for IBM's API Management toolset which enables businesses to create, assemble, manage, secure and socialise web APIs. CSI provide a comprehensive solution which extends from a developer portal to attract and engage application developers and foster the use of published APIs, to an administration portal which allows policies to be established for critical API attributes such as self-registration, quotas, key management and security policies through to an analytics engine providing role-based insight for API owners, solution administrators and application developers.


Creating a truly engaging Mobile experience involves far more than just building great Mobile apps. Connecting and exposing the right data from your back-end systems out to the Mobile UI typically accounts for 75% of the effort to achieve success, and yet is often overlooked in the first iteration of mobillty projects - engage CSI early to understand how to ensure success for your mobile platform. 

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