Connectivity and Integration

Enabling businesses to build out a flexible, robust infrastructure to integrate applications allowing them to compete in today's hyper-connected world


  • Rapid Integration
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Extend Value of Existing Systems

At CSI, we're here to help you serve your customers or partners however they choose to connect with you, wherever they choose to be. That means joining the right dots. It may mean integrating internal systems, such as finance or your call centre with a cloud based CRM. It may mean sharing data with a partner's website or mobile app.

Each CSI integration project is different. Each starts with where you are and what you have. It can start small, then build towards a more personal connection with your customers or you can aim for the skies and revolutionise your entire infrastructure.

Core Integration

Integrating systems can extend the value of legacy applications by adopting the principles of a Services Orientated Architecture (SOA). This enables you to rapidly integrate new applications to increase ROI (e.g M&A activity) and create reusable business services for faster time to market. Integrating systems allows you to leverage demand for secure connectivity solutions while maintaining business activity levels.

Cloud Integration

Rapidly connect the hybrid worlds of Public Clouds, Private Clouds and existing On-Premise applications in days and achieve a higher return on investment from Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud delivery models. Leverage reusable process templates and adopt a "configuration, not coding" approach to streamline the entire lifecycle of your cloud integration needs.

Integration Centre of Excellence

CSI provide a flexible framework of best practices, governance and thought leadership to enable our clients to build an Integration Centre of Excellence. While adoption of well-regarded principles such as SOA are important, they must be viewed in the context of each organisation's individual environment. Building the right team, breaking down cultural barriers and having "buy-in" from both the business and IT leaders are all key elements of a successful integration project. At CSI, we have the experience to help our clients get it right first time, as well as building a sustainable integration platform for the future.

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