Business Process Management

Automating business processes to enable agile new working practices that deliver significant efficiency improvements


  • Connecting people, policies and procedures
  • Increased collaboration across the organisation
  • Complete visibility of business processes

Driving efficiencies is more crucial than ever before. Business managers require improved visibility into fast-breaking trends and business events to enable greater efficiency and productivity that lead in turn to improved business outcomes. People within organisations are looking for real-time operational intelligence - the ability to anticipate changes in business conditions in time, to adapt to the changes and to the critical operational processes that run the business. These changes range from shifts in market conditions, to changes in interations with customers and partners, to exceptions in the normal flow of business activity.

Combining BPM and Connectivity solutions, CSI has an extensive track record of integration centric BPM projects focussed on delivering improvements to customer service. This approach allows organisations to ensure their processes and rules connect with back-end applications both now and in the future allowing the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

Once a global view of your customer is available throughout your organisation you must act with that knowledge.

Enable the right person to make the right choice, and action in real-time.

BPM Discovery Workshop

A BPM Discovery workshop will help you to determine the initial business and technical feasibility of deploying a BPM and ODM (Operational Decision Management) solution - setting a realistic level of expectation for all involved. We bring together our domain experts with your business and IT stakeholders to define business needs, architecture and the implementation process for a potential BPM and ODM solution. We aim to address these fundamental questions and concerns:

  • Realistic business impact expectations - what improvements are possible? What's the estimated time to value?
  • Better end user experience - Will business users' needs and expectations be met?
  • The best product direction - What are the best components for your needs?

Process improvement is a journey, and doesn't stop with a Discovery Workshop. Process improvement comes when you can start instrumenting, monitoring and managing a process continuously and incrementally; modifying it in response to changing business and market conditions, quickly and easily. Our Discovery Workshop can ensure that you get started down the right path. 

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