Mobile Infrastructure Deployment

Building on twenty years of experience in delivering mobile Data Capture solutions, CSI provide Mobile Infrastructure Deployment solutions allowing our customers to benefit from standard, rapidly deployable devices integrated into their existing systems landscape. This helps reduce implementation costs as well as the total cost of ownership for mobile deployment while enabling our customers to continually adapt to changing business needs.

CSI solutions include Mobile Device Management which enable the discovery, management and control of mobile device in real time with built in security. CSI will also help clients to select mobile devices that are best suited to their application needs; from the harshest manufacturing environment requiring rugged intrinsically safe RF devices, through to retail operations requiring lightweight yet robust terminals to mobile devices for professionals in the field. These can include:

Handheld Computers

Ultra-Tough Mobility - Powerhouse devices for industrial use, aimed at demanding environments where failure is not an option. Uses include Manufacturing, Ports and Warehouse and Distribution Centres.

Rugged Mobility - Flexible sturdy handheld devices suitable for Field Service, Asset Management, Mobile Ticketing, Warehousing & Distribution, Track & Trace and Manufacturing

Lightweight & Compact - Small light but tough data capture tools for use in Retail, Postal & Courier, Warehousing & Distribution and Arenas & Sports Venues

Voice Recognition

CSI Voice Recognition solutions enable work instructions to be issued to mobile workers through their headsets while collecting responses through built-in microphones. The responses are decoded and then integrated into the backend systems to allow appropriate actions to be taken. Incorporating barcode scanning and / or RFID together with information displayed on a screen caters for situations where voice alone is not sufficient.

Barcode Scanners

CSI provide barcode scanning solution based on the needs of each client which incorporate scanners to read 1D & 2D barcodes, QR codes and a variety of scanning distances.


CSI provide RFID technologies for tracking assets and managing material flow. These solutions track the movement of assets and people around the plant and beyond using hand-held reader and RFID portals capable of reading many tags in one pass.

CSI are uniquely placed to help our clients get the maximum value from their investment in mobile devices by providing end-to-end solutions to deploy, manage and integrate devices with enterprise applications.  This is backed by a range of support offerings delivered from CSI’s Customer Service Centre and including a 24x7 UK based service desk with local Service Delivery Managers.  

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