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Solutions that enhance efficiency while enabling innovation to accelerate the performance of your business.

Smart Business solutions help companies to improve financial management, maintain operational excellence, and enhance competitive agility. This allows organisations to manage well in times of economic uncertainty and lay a solid foundation for growth. CSI’s Rapid Deployment solutions reduce the risk and cost of implementation by providing built-in support for best practices and are designed specifically for midsize companies looking for an integrated, industry-specific solution to support processes across the entire organization.

SAP Business All in One ERP for New Installations


Providing real-time analytics and applications to help customers manage and analyse massive volumes of data instantly

SAP Enhancements and Upgrades

SAP Cloud Services

Enabling the innovation and agility companies need to extend exisiting infrastructure to enable new processes and insights

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

Enabling organisations to rapidly deploy scalable, secure and reliable enterprise strength apps integrated with multiple business systems

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