Planning and Financial Consolidation

Best of breed solutions to help improve the planning cycle and reduce the month end close


  • Increased Control Over The Planning Process

  • Reduced Planning Cycles

  • Faster Month End Close

CSI has many years of experience in delivering PM solutions to a large number of organisations both in the UK and globally. CSI has been delivering PM projects to help our clients to gain competitive advantage and improve the overall planning function within their business. CSI solutions are based on IBM Cognos TM1 and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) and include the following key elements:

A Familiar Interface

Users are familiar with entering their plans via Microsoft Excel and the solutions from both Cognos and SAP offer an Excel front-end. Providing users with a familiar interface means that learning curves are reduced and acceptance of the solution increased. Secure Environment

While the users enter their data through a familiar interface such as Excel, the business can be safe in the knowledge that no data is stored in the local spreadsheet. Once entered the data is stored in a secure, central database eliminating the risk to the planning process if the spreadsheet is lost or the employee leaves the business.

Centrally Controlled Environment

The planning environment is controlled centrally and providing the business with the ability to view the current state of each plan whether it is not started, in process or submitted.

Integrated Workflow

The planning solutions offer integrated workflow that control the progress of each plan through the organisation. This ensures that once a plan has been submitted it is passed to the correct person within the organisation to accept or reject the plan accordingly.

Watch how the latest version of Cognos TM1 can enable your employees to make fast and reliable decisions, when the volume and volatility of financial and operational data threatens to overwhelm business productivity.


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Best of breed solutions to help improve the planning cycle and reduce the month end close.
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