Information Management

Providing business with a centralised repository of trusted data to help make informed decisions


  • Trusted Data Sources

  • Consolidated, Holistic View Of The Business

  • Business Driven Data Not Data Driven Business

CSI has many years of experience in delivering information management solutions to a large number of organisations both in the UK and globally. CSI has been delivering information management projects to help organisations gain competitive advantage and improve their overall access to data, turning this data into knowledge within the business. Some of the key features of the CSI Information management Solutions are:

Designed for Analytics

CSI will work with the business to ensure they not only determine their requirements for the short-term but also the longer term. Armed with the requirements of the business, CSI will then design and implement a solution to provide the business with a robust and responsive analytical and reporting platform.

Gap Analysis

CSI will undertake a Gap Analysis exercise with the business to determine what needs to be changed in the CSI base solution to satisfy the needs of the business. The findings of the Gap Analysis will be fully documented. The Gap Analysis workshop will not only highlight gaps between the base solution and the requirements but also the gaps in any internal processes of the business.

Right Data at the Right Time

The solution is designed to ensure that the right level of data is provided to the end users at the right time to ensure they are armed with the information to make decisions at the point of engagement.


With an appliance, the business has one vendor for their entire information management solution and this includes hardware and software. The hardware is fully configured to meet the needs of the business to ensure that optimal performance is guaranteed not only today but also tomorrow as well as providing a platform where all the components of the solution work in harmony.

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Providing business with a centralised repository of trusted data to help make informed decisions.
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