Business Intelligence

Information in the hands of the decision makers to mine, refine and make sense of data


  • Improved Fact Based Decision Making

  • Self Empowered Users

  • Information On The Go

CSI has extensive experience in delivering Business Intelligence solutions to a large number of organisations in the UK and globally. These have ranged from large, strategic BI projects for world renowned multi-nationals to tactical departmental solutions for organisations looking to fix a specific issue. We have helped our clients to gain competitive advantage while improving their overall reporting and analytical capability. Based on IBM Cognos and SAP Business Objects, CSI’s provide businesses with the following functionality:

Operational Reporting

Operational reports, such as Profit & Loss or Balance sheets, tend to be highly formatted. They are created once by a power user and made accessible to the information consumers (decision makers) within the business who will run them many times. The consumers can interact with the reports through prompts to gain their own specific view of the data.

Ad-Hoc Querying

With the ad-hoc querying functionality in both Cognos and Business Objects, IT can now relinquish some of the reporting needs of the business to the end users as both solutions provide very simple, easy to use and intuitive querying environments that insulate the end users from any of the underlying data technicalities and empower them to create their own reports and queries.


The analytic capabilities within Cognos and Business Objects take reporting to the next level. Analytics is geared towards users within the business who want to dive deeper into the data to understand why a situation has occurred. This enables executives to see at a glance how the organization is performing, then quickly drill down to an appropriate level of detail allowing them to make fast and effective decisions without the need for specialist support.


Using the latest data visualisation techniques empowers end users to easily and quickly create advanced visualisations of their data that can be shared with the business. The tools also provide users with the functionality to quickly and easily connect to the sources of data and cleanse the data without the need for technical support. These solutions are truly end user tools from start to finish.


Users are demanding real time access to information on mobile devices to allow them to respond instantly to changes in their business. With the mobile capabilities built into both Cognos and Business Objects solutions, CSI’s clients have access to this functionality out of the box.

Office Integration

Once users have created their reports, graphs and analysis they can integrate these into the Microsoft Office family (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) to share insight with others both internally and externally. Both Cognos and Business Objects offer full integration with the Office suite to ensure that data can be shared with people in an environment they are familiar with.

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Information in the hands of the decision makers to mine, refine and make sense of data.
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