Tivoli Storage Manager - TSM from CSI Ltd
 Storage Management

IBM Tivoli storage management software provides you with exceptional value and functionality to maximise your current storage environment and reduce operational and capital costs while improving service and managing risks on data storage and recovery management capabilities.

This portfolio of software technology covers a whole host of capabilities to meet storage management requirements:

  • Tivoli Storage Manager

  • Automates data backup and restore functions, supports a broad range of platforms and storage devices, and centralises storage management operations
  • Tivoli Storage Manager Fastback

  • Next-generation data protection and near-instant recovery for business-critical Windows application servers in data centers, remote offices and small/medium-sized businesses
  • Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Standard Edition

  • Combines the management of assets, capacity, performance and operations, which are traditionally offered by separate Storage Resource Management, SAN Management and Device Management applications, into a single platform